Financing the Launch of the WSP 4.0 Crossover Facility

Resourcing Offer from the World Syntegrity Project (WSP)

The World Syntegrity Project 4.0 is a service center to enable effective self-organizing and continuous improvement action by citizens who want to crossover to a viable planetary civilization. It is particularly designed for peer-to-peer, transparent agreement making and continuous real-time alignment of co-operating initiatives.

To ensure quality, scale-up, access, improvement, and networked social media communication, competent leadership and appropriate infra-structure are required.

The urgency of the situation for human societies and bio-sphere integrity is very high. The uncertainties of success are high, and the stakes immense. To rise to this challenge will require resources and sustained commitment.

For the WSP to become effective, we require funding for 3 viability requirements:

We encourage various kinds of support initiatives:

1. Gold Key World Citizens and Foundation Stewards to complete design of WSP Utility.

These are individuals or groups of individuals who identify themselves as world citizens and commit the funds necessary to bring together the expertise needed to answer the Operational Question:

"How do we create a planet-based world citizen learning system that enables and amplifies syntegrated agreements around the Core Crossover questions facing humanity and life on earth in the 21st century?"

Initial resources needed: 500,000 Euros. This is a minimum critical fund to ensure the competence and capacity of our digital socio-infrastructure for 2014-2017. The nature of the partnership and development momentum with the sponsor will be worked out via syntegration. The Attractor Question and the 36 participants will be selected in partnership with the sponsoring foundation.

2. Viable Futures Investors.

These are individuals and organizations who wish to partner with world citizens to accomplish a specific priority Crossover (e.g., from heavy to light footprint, from fossilized infra-structures to renewable infra-structures, etc.)

Investors are co-creators with our high-talent world citizen team and are entitled to claim returns in R*O*I currency.[1]

We seek partnerships with:

3. Problem-Holders.

The World Syntegrity Project is available to enable world citizens in world cities to make significant Shifts in their city-planet relationships. These problems, held by local governments, and addressed by local world citizens, provide feasible answers for citizen-centered responsibility in major Crossover issues (e.g., migration, C02 reduction, disaster resilience, etc.) We invite urban leadership to use the world talent living in their city to integrate a citizen-centered whole planet element in their Crossover strategy.

4. Local Champions.

Six world citizens can host a World Syntegrity project. 30-42 people have the breadth of experience/influence and depth of commitment to liberate the social energy required to make rapid social-system Shifts. At the moment, we can only provide the quality service the Re-Start Up of WSP 4.0 demands for a minimum market price of 30,000 Euros. This is an extremely low service fee for a protocol that cuts Start to Results time by more than 50 percent, delivers 30 to 40 high-agreement solutions, and is immediately eligible for significant large funding.

5. The Lowly-Resourced.

If you are six world citizens with a Common Quest of world citizenship, and have the involvement of the key people with whom you want to succeed, send us your question, the participants who have agreed to join in, and the place which the six of you want to move FROM, to the place you want to get TO as world citizens in the coming 2-3 years. We are already seeking funding for you!

For further information, contact:

David Beatty, WSP Coordinator: david(at)

World Service Authority: info(at)


[1] R*O*I* is Release and Realization of Inspiration. It is measured in terms of the distance covered from the present outcomes of the system TO the whole system solutions located and leveraged in the opening event. Return-on-Investment indicates that there will be a share-holding structure which enables all participants (and sponsor) shareholders to convert their holdings back to national currency.

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