World Judicial Commission

The World Judicial Commission (WJC) is the legal arm of the World Government of World Citizens (WGWC). Its Coordinator is Francis Boyle, international jurist and professor of law at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. The WJC is responsible for creating the structures and frameworks which the WSA Legal Department attorneys and other attorneys around the world will use to advance and enforce world law.

World Judicial Commission Activities and Projects

  1. The WJC has written a draft statute for a World Court of Human Rights, which will adjudicate claims by individuals.
  2. The WJC is contacting leading academicians, peace and human rights activists, and other lawyers for their endorsement of and assistance in the development of the World Court.
  3. The WJC is researching and writing a brief in support of the human right of freedom of movement and residence throughout the world which will be used by attorneys around the world. The brief will be used to bring claims on behalf of WSA passport-holders against governments that violate these rights.
  4. The WJC is creating a network of attorneys from around the world willing to bring claims on behalf of WSA passport-holders in local courts and in the World Court.
  5. The WJC is helping to formulate world law through its involvement in the World Syntegrity(R) Project. The WSP is the process through which world citizens all over the planet are coming together to answer questions about how to legally govern themselves through the next century.


The WSA Legal Department (WSA Legal) is part of the administrative arm of the World Government of World Citizens (WGWC). The main focus of this department is the active legal defense of common world law. WSA Legal is staffed by attorneys and legal assistants who provide educational information to world citizens and WSA document holders regarding human rights and world law. WSA Legal helps individuals to understand and utilize their WSA documents and works to advance the human rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), particularly the right to freedom of movement and residence.

What WSA Legal can do for you.

  1. Write letters to government officials/heads of state and expose human rights violations committed against WSA passport-holders by nation-state officials.
  2. Provide educational information regarding world law, world citizenship, legal strategies, legal processes, etc.
  3. Work with attorneys whom WSA passport-holders have retained in order to assist these people in understanding how to exercise their human rights.
  4. Assist people in recovering any WSA documents that have been arbitrarily confiscated and authorize the reissue of documents that have been destroyed or are impossible to recover.

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