World Syntegrity® Project -- Now

This is an invitation to inter-generational teams focusing on whole planet issues to use the World Syntegrity Protocol to generate trust, precision, and action demanded for a viable human future.

Where did this "self-organization invention" come from?

In 1993, Garry Davis, operating on behalf of world citizens, asked Stafford Beer, then Commissioner for Cybernetics, to design and deliver 30 syntegrations for world citizens. The co-experiment with the Team Syntegrity team (Toronto 1990-2000) gives world citizens the opportunity to use the syntegrity process and protocol to co-create whole system solutions to place-people-planet issues.

The Core 1993 Question was: "How can we, as sovereign world citizens, govern our world?" (see history at

A short animation of the protocol can be seen at:

In 2009, following Garry Davis's presentation of the Mondo (world citizen currency) at COP 15 in Copenhagen, David Beatty accepted the invitation to re-activate the World Syntegrity Project.

World Syntegrity Project 4.0 Financing the WSP 4.0 Launch describe the unique features of the protocol, and the resource requirements to scale up WSP capability for the 21st century. Garry Davis saw the value of the protocol for world citizens and acquired the rights for world citizens to use syntegration via WSP. David Beatty was part of the start-up TSI enterprise; a Certified Designer of TS technology, and active in 50+ syntegrations during his 25-year TSI involvement.

There are 3 qualities of the architecture that offer noteworthy advantages for citizen-to-citizen co-creation.

We must co-create shared understanding, commitment, and aligned action initiatives that inspire us to realize community for "one-planet-living." Declare yourself a world citizen and contribute to the creative journey of humanity 21.

The Current Offer

There are a large number of local and planet organisations seeking to create and regulate a Humanity Commons for a viable future. The World Service Authority invites you to use WSP in creating collective agreements -- policy-into-action outcomes that you share with other world citizens and world citizen groups.

You don't have to "give up" loyalty to your organisation -- nor your local identity. Registration as a world citizen signals that where you are engaged, humanity and planet are conscious elements of your decisions and actions as a human being.

Requirements are:


How do I/we explore this further?

Contact David Beatty at:

David Beatty is the World Syntegrity Protocol Co-ordinator, Nijmegen, Netherlands


David Gallup at

Appendix 1: Syntegrity design operationalizes the following system features:

These features, built-in to the protocol, are independent of facilitator influence. The use of the protocol will be on an Open Source basis for world citizens. However, access to the method, experienced syntegrators, etc. will be designed to ensure syntegrity quality (legitimization of outcomes) and to diffuse delivery competency in many languages, cultures, and problem-centered applications.

For those seeking further in-depth knowledge of the syntegrity protocol, please see Stafford Beer, Beyond Dispute, The Invention of Team Syntegrity, John Wiley & Sons, 1994.

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