Sample: City Mundialization Declaration

World City Resolution Relating to _________________

WHEREAS the City of _________________ recognizes the greatly increased interdependence of the people of the world in this age of pollution, deforestation, natural resource depletion, overpopulation, and hunger; and

WHEREAS, we seek to free humanity from the scourge of war, and to use the world's sources of energy and knowledge for the benefit of all people; and

WHEREAS, we realize that the common interests of the world's people can only be advanced through cooperative effort on a global scale, as exemplified by the recent Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro; and

WHEREAS, we affirm that we can best serve our city, state, and nation when we also think and act as world citizens;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council: that the City of _________________ hereby recognizes its status as a WORLD CITY

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the citizens of _________________ recognize their sovereign right to declare that their citizenship responsibilities extend beyond the boundaries of our city, state, and nation;

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the citizens of _________________ pledge their efforts to the establishment of world peace, economic justice, and ecological security based on just world law; and THAT, as a symbol of our global commitment and status, we will display the Earth flag at the City Hall; and

THAT, as a symbol of our obligations as world citizens, we will sponsor an annual cultural event to mark the significance of the first Earth Summit; and THAT the Mayor, with the help of _________________ is authorized to appoint an advisory committee to make recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council regarding the further promotion of the principles and practices of world citizenship.

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