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Syntegrity News Flash!

"Sierra Leone Women Will Take the Lead in Africa" -Mayor Florence Dilsworth, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone, presided over the first Infoset for Women, which was held at Freetown's City Hall in August. Significantly, the participants were displaced women of various tribes covering the country's 12 districts.

First Infoset for Women Held in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, an Infoset for women has been held in Freetown, taking place August 29-31, 1996. Their Statements of Importance will be printed in the next issue of World Citizen News. This is the second Infoset that has taken place in Sierra Leone but the first Infoset in the world specifically for women!

Another unique aspect of this Infoset is the participation of the town's mayor, Florence Dilsworth, who addressed the Infosetters on the opening day. Introducing the program, she emphasized the objective of world citizenship and stressed that Sierra Leone women should take the lead as world citizens.

Below is World Coordinator Garry Davis' letter to Mayor Dilsworth.

A third Infoset is being planned in Sierra Leone, which will include paramount chiefs and urban and rural authorities. To donate to The Infoset Fund, to aid the Sierra Leonean or Ethiopian Infosets or those in other parts of the world, contact the World Service Authority -- phone: (202) 638-2662; fax: (202) 638-0638; e-mail:

19 September 1996

Your Honour,

We received this morning the good news that a second Infoset was held in Freetown, in late August at the City Hall, with participants being mainly displaced tribal women. This notable Infoset will be featured in next month's World Citizen News.

The picture of the World Flag behind the desk at which you are presiding at the opening session augurs well for the growing awareness among women of the world that sovereignty and women are corollaries throughout the global village in which we all live.

Your prophetic words that "Sierra Leone women will take the lead in Africa" will resound not only in Africa but wherever women gather to affirm their rightful and just place in human affairs.

The city from which I write joined, in June 1992, the over 900 cities throughout the world in adopting the Mundialization Charter, declaring itself a "World City." I am honored to enclose the decree adopted by the city council on that occasion. Also enclosed is the list of other cities, beginning with Cahors, France, which have likewise declared their worldly character through mundialization (from the Esperanto word "mundo," "world").

On behalf of world citizens and particularly Infosetters whose numbers are growing exponentially, I have the great honor and pleasure to enclose an honorary World Passport in your name. (The list of persons so honored is appended.)

Please also accept our profound thanks for your official participation in the World Syntegrity Project, whose aim is to evolve a new peaceful and prosperous vision and reality of human brother- and sisterhood as we approach the millennium together on this, our home planet.

Garry Davis
World Coordinator

Freetown participants at opening session

Facilitator Lansana Dumbuya explaining the icosahedron

Mayor of Freetown, Florence Dilsworth

Brown Team Infosetters display their Statement of Importance

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