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World Citizen Referendum News

Eighty-five individuals worldwide have voted in the World Citizen Referendum, online on the World Citizen Web

Here are the results so far:

1. Do you want to be consulted by referendum on global issues that affect you, your family, and your community directly?

Yes: 84; No: 1

2. Do you want a democratic world government based on justice and human rights in order to outlaw war and secure the benefits of peace, freedom, and general happiness for one and all?

Yes: 78; No: 7

3. Do you wish to enjoy a healthy global environment?

Yes: 85; No: 0

4. Do you wish to participate in democratic ownership of shares of transnational corporations?

Yes: 74; No: 11.

5. Do you want nuclear weapons to be declared illegal? (Since this fifth question has been added, the results are as follows:)

Yes: 33; No: 4

The next time you are checking out the World Citizen Web, be sure to register your vote in the World Referendum!

Table of Contents