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World Government Proponents (Cont.)

Here is the latest installment in our continuing listing of prominent individuals who, within the past 50 years, have expressed support for world government. (We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Scottish Crusade for World Government.)

Vincent Auriol (French President)

Lord Beveridge

Sir Adrian Boult

Bishop of Bradford

Dr. David Bradley

Sir John Butters (Chairman, Associated Newspapers, Australia)

Bishop of Chelsford

Rt. Hon Clement Davies

Dr. Brock Chisholm (Director General, World Health Organization)

John M. Davidson (Chairman, Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society)

Lord M. Douglas-Hamilton M.P.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Caroline Ganley, M.P.

Lady Megan Lloyd George, M.P.

Lord Haden Guest

Oscar Hammerstein II

Sir Geoffey de Haviland

Edouard Herriot (President, French Assembly)

Prof. Lancelot Hogben

Chancellor Robert Hutchins (Chicago University)

Albin Johansson (Director, Consumers Cooperative, Sweden)

Toyohiko Kagawa

Compton Mackenzie

Gilbert McAllister, M.P.

Sir Hector McNeil

Jacque Maritan

Thomas Mann

Dr. John MacCormick

Lewis Mumford

Jawaharlal Nehru

Prof. M.L. Oliphant

Prof. Robert Oppenheimer

William Power

Walther Reuther (President, United Auto Workers)

Gen. Carlos Romulo

Alastair Sim (Lord Rector, Edinburgh University)

Haimai Shinzo (Mayor of Hiroshimo)

John Steinbeck

Prof Hans Thirring

Dame Sybil Thorndike

Rexford Tugwell (Former Governor of Puerto Rico)

Ahmad Emin Yalman

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