Wednesday, September 3, 2003


50th Anniversary of the World Citizen Government

World Government of World Citizens, 1012 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20005

Press Release

For General Release: September 3, 2003

World Government Passes Half Century Mark

A half century ago on September 4, from the city hall of Ellsworth, Maine, a new government was declared by a stateless World Citizen: the World Government (of World Citizens). It was based on three common world "laws": One God (or Absolute Value); one world; one humanity.

It was mandated by over 750,000 individuals from over 150 countries who had already claimed the sovereign civic status of world citizenship via the International Registry of World Citizens opened January 1, 1949 in Paris. It was therefore premised on the actuality and legitimacy of the human race beyond the alleged sovereign nation.

The new government also claimed "territory" which encompassed the world itself thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Millenium.

The Nuclear Age had begun 8 years prior on August 6, 1945 with the United States bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shocking the world public into awareness of its indiscriminate destructive power.

Thus began a "contract with humanity" to which each human was bound whether conscious of it or not. For if humanity died, all humans died whereas when individual humans died, humanity still survived. Einstein the "father" of the Nuclear Age warned at the time that if the human race did not now eliminate war itself, then war would eliminate the human race.

The new government certified the global contract overtly by providing individuals with documents based on fundamental human rights sanctioned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, December 10, 1948.

As individuals become aware of the new government's existence, they take advantage of its global identification services and legal assistance provided by its World Judicial Commission. Today, millions of human rights documents have been issued by the government's administrative agency, the World Service Authority(R), with main offices in Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan.

On the negative side, humanity still faces grave threats. Nuclear proliferation among 9 nations has grown to over 20,000. Seventy-five wars, large and small have been fought between nations killing over 25 million with a refugee population exploding to over 50 million. Air, water and soil pollution is increasing. Rain forests are burning. Global warming is a scientific fact. Cultures clothed by national fictions clash where humans kill humans indiscriminately. Mass poverty amidst excessive wealth of the few creates explosive social crises resulting in increasing acts of vengeance.

Yet positive signs of human ingenuity and fellowship abound. Communication is virtually instantaneous globally. Thus awareness cannot be stopped at national frontiers. Laws are promoting justice beyond the national jurisdictions. Space itself is inviting human exploration. The Space Station makes a global revolution every 29 minutes. While still rampant in parts of the world disease is slowly giving way to scientific breakthough cures. While national leaders remain enmeshed in 18th century fictional feudalisms, nongovernmental organizations representing every human interest abound. Finally, humanity's sages have come roaring from their forest and monistic retreats to sound the prophetic alarm of Armageddon if the perennial principles of unity and universality are not manifested politically.

Should humanity survive the next 50 years, it can thank today's citizens of the embryonic world government.

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